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10 01 2011

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Inspiration Wednesday–Wedding Edition

5 01 2011

I can’t believe it’s January and wedding season is already underway.  The spring/summer/fall months will be here before I know it.  Thus, I’ve decided to throw in a few Inspiration Wednesday posts dedicated to the exciting, emotional, overwhelming, “sometimes I want to scream”, and joys of planning a wedding. 

One thing that I find most helpful in all the weddings that I have done is to have a coordinator.  While I may come in handy when it comes to needing strange recipes of how to get wierd things out of dresses or an expert dress bustler and occasional crazy person kicker outer (and of course– fabulous dancer!) — it’s always great to have someone on hand to handle those “pleasant” surprises.  A professional. 

I have worked with some of the best wedding coordinators around.  And I must say, there are some great ones out there.  But I come to you today with a name.  A coordinator.  A planner.  And a fabulous bride herself. 

Working with Beverly I found a new friend.  And I was especially thrilled when she told me she was going for the big time.  She’s been helping plan weddings since she was 16.  And I’m here to say–her own wedding this fall was top notch–spectacular.  She offers individual consultation, focuses on getting to know you–so that she can help make your day special and unique to your own style.  She’s there with you every step of the way from first saying ‘yes’ to walking down the isle on a stress free and relaxed wedding day. 

When deciding to hire a wedding coordinator–you’re hiring not only someone to whip those boys in to shape in time for pictures or make sure that someone has salt and peroxide on hand. You’re hiring someone to help ease your fears.  Help you pick out those colors that go well together.  Decide on a theme.  And even to make sure that you don’t know the things that are going wrong while you’re casually sipping on your coffe and chatting it up with the girls on the day of your wedding.  Someone you can trust.  Your friend. 

So today, on this Inspiration Wednesday I would like to encourage you to check out  Beverly of B.E. Weddings to help put the “icing” on your wedding planning process.  You can check out her BRAND SPANKIN new blog:

You can also find her on facebook under B.E. Weddings .  For more information or to book Beverly to help with your wedding this year–call her at 501-593-5651 or email her at

Hugs and Love.  Always.


I just so happen to have a fab. photo of Bev on hand:

Introducing: Coffee Table Books

4 01 2011

It’s a new year.  And that means, bigger and better things for Cassie Jones Photography.  I’m excited about this year and the opportunities a head.  One that I am most excited about, is the introduction of a new product.  I’ve been researching book companies for weeks.  Literally.  Weeks.  And finally, I found my match.  A book that not only allows variety, but is also classy, and 100% my style.  As well as yours.  Because these books are fully customizable–unique to you and your style. 

I am so excited to introduce to you: The Asukabooks.  These books come in a wide variety of styles and prices–so anyone can find a book to fit their budget.  To inquire about pricing, please contact me via email at Here’s a little photo sneak of each book–and a little summary to get your heart gushing. 

First, the NeoClassic Book:


The NeoClassic book comes in two sizes: 10×10 and 8×11.  It’s classic flush mount pages are thick and are available in a glossy or matte finish.  The book is covered in either a hard cover or a softer cushioned hard cover and includes a unique slide in custom case to keep your treasured photographs safe. 

The Zen layflat Books: Impact

The Zen Layflat impact books use a unique invisible binding system, so no longer are photos lost in the gutters!  With this luxurious lay flat book, you can display your photos in various sizes ranging from 8×8 to 15×10 and a wide variety of cover options from genuine leather, animal friendly leather, as well as other materials such as silk, microsuade and carbon fibers.  These books are displayed in an elegant customizable case to keep your memories protected.  (Case shown in top photo).

The Zen EX:

The EX layflat book also has the unique invisible binding so that your memories are not lost in the gutters (As shown above).  This book comes with a red or black case with optional hot stamped title.  The book is hardback with a customizable cover and matching book jacket.  This book comes in a variety of sizes, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, and 15×10.  Pages come in either a matte or glossy finish.

The Zen Hardcover:

The Zen Hardcover book also has the unique invisible binding.  This book comes with a hard, laminate cover finish and also includes a slim frosted plastic case for extra protection and easy portability.  This book comes in 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, and 15×10.  Pages are available in matte or glossy finish.

Book Bound Books:

The LX

The LX book bound book includes a genuine leather cover with optional hot stamp text on the cover.  This book is available in a wide range of sizes including 10×10, 8×11, 11×8, 8×8, 8×5.5, 7×10, 10×7, 7×7, and 5.5×8.  This book is displayed in a fully customizable presentation box and is available in varnish, glossy, or matte paper finishes.  Cover colors are available in baby blue, black, bordeaux (a deep purple), brown, pink, saddle and white. 

The FLX:

The FLX book bound book has the feel and appeal of real leather.  It is displayed in a fully customizable case (As shown above in top photo).  The pages are available in varnish, matte and glossy finishes and this book comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  Sizes include: 10×10, 8×8, 8×11, 11×8, 8×5.5, 7×10, 10×7, 7×7, and 5.5×8.  Colors include Baby blue, black, bordeaux (deep purple), pink, camel, brown and white.

The EXD:

The EXD book bound book is a hard cover book with a matching book jacket with designable flaps and matching slip in case.  This luxurious book was awarded the Professional Photographer Hot One Award in 2010.  It also boasts beautiful pages in varnish, matte, or glossy finish.  It comes in a wide variety of sizes including: 10×10, 8×8, 8×11, 11×8, 8×5.5, 7×10, 10×7, 7×7, 5.5×8, and 5×5.

The EX:

The EX book bound book includes a black or red slip in display case with optional hot stamp text.  This book boasts beautiful varnish, matte, or glossy finish pages in a variety of sizes including 10×10, 11×8, 8×11, 8×5.5, 7×10, 10×7, 7×7, 5.5×8 and 5×5.

The Hardcover:

The Hardcover book bound book includes a custom printed hardback cover and includes a frosted plastic slip cover for extra protection.  The pages are available in matte, glossy, and varnish finishes and this book is available in an even wider variety of sizes including: 12×12, 10×10, 8×11, 11×8, 8×8, 7×10, 10×7, 7×7, 5.5×8, 8×5.5, 5.5×6.25, 5×5.  This book was awarded the Professional Photographers One Hot One Award in 2005. 

The Softcover:

The softcover book bound book is a casual alternative.  It’s soft cover is fully designable and includes a frosted slip case for extra protection.  This book comes in sizes 10×10, 8×11, 11×8, 8×8, 7×10, 10×7, 7×7, 5.5×8, 8×5.5, 5×5 and pages are available in a matte, varnish, or glossy finish.

Please email me to get started on your book today!

Nathan + Mackenzie

3 01 2011

Sometimes there are things that excite me.  Overly. 

Like surprises.  And I get so gitty and jumpy and talkative that it can really exhaust an innocent friend/bystander/surpris-er.  Like Nathan.  Who decided to surprise his wife.  With a session.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.  Because all day, I was keeping his phoneline and email busy recieving messages with my crazy ideas of how to get this into the works.  “You could do this….”  I would suggest.  “Or this..”  I’d say.   Eventually, we came down to a plan.  Got it all ironed out.  And I kept my mouth shut.  Tight. 

Even though what I really wanted to do was go right up to Mackenzie and give her a big hug.  And smile.  Because these two people?  They make me smile this big huge ginormousness smile.  (New word. — I’m almost positive that one of these days–one of these new words of mine is going to make me a millionare.)  Or not.  But seriously– these two are special.  Special people.  Special friends. 

Here’s to the first sneak peek of 2011. 

And to Nathan and Mackenzie– Thanks for the fun.  The laughs.  And always for the smiles.  🙂 

♥ Cass


Twenty Eleven.

3 01 2011

When I was twelve, I used to use cardstock paper and make everyone New Years Eve hats.  I reflect back on those photos now and appologize to my family.  They were ugly.  And had way too much glitter on them.  My goals back then included things like, make all A’s and marry one of the Backstreet Boys (which I saw on the Rockin New Years Eve Show and Rusty was totally impressed that I still remembered all the words and was able to sing along without missing a beat.) And of course, things like, build a better fort and read Little Women again. 

This year, for new years, I didn’t make hats.  But it’s always inspiring to start fresh.  Look with wide eyes towards the future.  Make goals.  But sometimes, it’s also good to reflect back on the past.  My first year in business.  I’ve made mistakes.  Made new friends.  Made memories.  I look back and I can’t help but smile.  So much has happened.  So much has been given.  And I am truely blessed.  And I’m so thankful you were here to share twenty ten with me–through it all.   

Celebrating this new year, I thought I’d do a little post on some of my favorite photos of 2010.    Because its what the cool photographers do.  And I want to be one of the cool kids.  The first blog post of Twenty Eleven.  While it might sound very wierd and while I may still write two zeroes in my year until February– I cannot wait to see what Twenty Eleven holds in store for us.  And I’m excited.

Happy New Year!  And may all your dreams and wishes for Twenty Eleven come true!  The first sneak peek of the year coming up quick!



Day 05.

22 12 2010

It’s day five here on the giveaways.  With only a few days left until Christmas– I would love to see your Christmas trees!  Send in a photo of your fantastic evergreen to  to enter to win today’s prize!

The winner of the best Christmas Carol is: Brenna!  Congratulations Brenna!  You have won a 20$ gift card to Cassie Jones Photography!

To the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Raindeer:

My life got took over by an XBOX

Ever since the day we said “I do.”

You say “lighten up, it’s just a game,” but

It’s clear no game has been replacin’ you.

He’s been playin’ too much Halo.

And hours of lame Assassin’s Creed.

Had his attention for a while but

Then out came the newest Need for Speed. .

My life got took over by an XBOX

Ever since the day we said “I do.”

You say “lighten up, it’s just a game,” but

It’s clear no game has been replacin’ you.

He wants to name our baby “Madden”

We have a dog named Mario.

He says I’m nagging and controlling.

But I’ll tell that “control” freak where to go…

Cory+Katherine–Searcy, Arkansas Wedding Photographer

21 12 2010

Ruth 1:16

…”Intreat me not to leave you or turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge.  Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God.” 

I’ve never actually paid attention to this scripture.  Sure, I’ve read it.  A hundred times.  But in the middle of a wedding ceremony, my heart was pricked.  By God’s timely teachings.  I was taken back to the day I said my own vows to my husband.  And how words could never describe such a level of comittment.  Until hidden in the depths of the Bible I find the exact words that do. 

After hearing Cory and Katherine repeat to one another the verse with added personalization I went straight from the wedding to sit  in my car and open my Bible to the passage.  And I read it.  And read it again.  And I smiled.

Sometimes, there are not words to describe something so beautiful.  And as we stood witness in a magnificent chapel illuminated with one of the most elaborate lighting displays out the window– one thing and one thing alone stood out more than the beauty of the place.  Of the dress.  Of the flowers.  It was the comitment two people made to one another.  The love they share.  And the tears that rolled down the cheeks of the family and friends that they love.   

Cory and Katherine, thank you so much for allowing me to share in your special day.  I am honored.  I pray many blessings for you as you begin your new lives together.  God bless you and keep you–



Triplets.  🙂

You know your photographer loves you when she’ll lay on the ground in 32 degree weather.  For the “1-2-3 Marriage!” fun football shot.

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